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Writers' Rants

A place where writers come to rant

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[*Nanowrimo motivation post: Post your daily word count here, and collect little gold stars...]

This is a place to rant, to share ideas and to meet other writers. It is mainly for those who write original stories, because there is already the brilliant fanficrants for those who write fanfiction. Still, you are more than welcome to join.
This is not a critique community.
Please write in full sentences. After all, this is a writers' community.

Here, you are welcome to post:
- Rants about anything related to writing (e.g. writer's block, coffee stains and pet peeves)
- General advice, or random links that get your creativity flowing (e.g. grammar, common mistakes and pigeon-guided missiles)
- Questions for other writers (e.g. you are always welcome to ask me if you need to translate mandarin phrases into English)
- Dares for other writers (e.g. include a swearing pig in your story)
-A plug for other writing communities

But if it's long, post it under a LJ-cut.

Here, you are not welcome to post:
- Your poetry, extracts from your W.I.P. and other examples of your writing
- Harassments
Your post will not be deleted unless it violates one of these rules.

Introductory posts are nice, but not obligatory. If you have any suggestions, please contact me. For more information, look here.
Oh, one last thing... Feel free to be brutally honest, but always respect each other, and have fun. Rant away!